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In 2017, SES IT embarked on its journey as a small-scale IT services and staffing company. We initially focused on aiding enterprises in scaling their operations through our services, leveraging the expertise of our talented SMEs. As we evolved, inspired by invaluable customer feedback, we set out to create an innovative IT marketplace. Here, our clients can access consulting, product support, services, and business assistance, allowing them to concentrate on their core operations while SES IT takes care of the rest.

Today, our dynamic, globally distributed team spans diverse verticals and market segments, guiding our clients from ideation to realization. We take pride in our transparent pricing, empowering stakeholders in their decision-making processes. Our foundation rests on the pillars of delivery excellence, unwavering customer dedication, and a sense of ownership.

Our overarching goal is to become the preferred marketplace for businesses and collaborate with startups to fuel their growth. We aspire to harness the power of technology to tackle some of the world's most complex challenges, in partnership with like-minded enterprises. Our vision is to make a positive and meaningful impact on humanity through the thoughtful implementation of technology.

Our History
  • In 2017, our company was founded with a vision to excel in skill development, offer top-notch IT services, and provide exceptional staffing solutions. Our journey began, driven by a commitment to empower individuals and businesses through skill enhancement, cutting-edge technology, and strategic staffing services.


  • In 2018, our primary focus was on assisting clients with their expansion strategies into tier 2 cities. We provided comprehensive support by offering training programs that aimed at developing essential skills for individuals, aligning with the evolving needs of these growing markets.


  • In 2019, our gaming vertical was dedicated to pioneering advancements in AR/VR technology and digital games. Additionally, we introduced gamification solutions for corporate clients, fostering engagement, learning, and innovation within their organizations.


  • In 2020, we provided crucial SME-based support to startups, encompassing IT services, product development, and various services. Our tailored solutions aimed to nurture the growth and innovation of these budding enterprises.


  • In 2021, we offered dedicated consulting services for enterprises, focusing on their specific business and IT needs. Our solutions aimed to enhance efficiency, productivity, and competitiveness in a rapidly evolving business landscape.


  • In 2022, SES IT provided specialized consulting services tailored for SMEs in the BPO and KPO sectors within our region. Our expertise drove successful customer outreach strategies, fostering growth and efficiency.


  • Move to Pvt Ltd company , rebranded with new energy, product development, channel sales, CX, Digital Factory, and multiple new verticals. New office at Indore and Hyderabad. Global expansion.


Our Leadership

SES IT Global Solutions
Neha Khan
Chief Executive Officer
SES IT Global Solutions
Sahil Khan
Managing Director
SES IT Global Solutions
Dr. Aminul Khan Suri
Chief Operating Officer
SES IT Global Solutions
Col. Anshum Kathuria
Chief Marketing Officer

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